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05 Mar 2019 2 Thessalonians (Program #1)

2 Thessalonians (Program #1) – A Word of Encouragement

How do you unclog the arteries of your psychological heart to be sanctified wholly and preserved complete?  Many of us are not as spiritually healthy as we ought to be and could use some practical help taking care of our spiritual heart.  It is a matter of spiritual life or death.

05 Mar 2019 Genesis (Program #34)

Genesis (Program #34) – The Third Fall of Man (2)

Today is the second message from the first part of Genesis 6 and a very deep interpretation of the events of that time.   This is a deep section, much deeper than we may realize from a casual reading.   Today we are going to hear about Nephilim and illegal marriage between fallen angels and the daughters of men.  And also a reference to a book that we have quoted from previously in our life study by a man named G. H. Pember.