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01 Jun 2019 Hebrews (Program #52)

Hebrews (Program #52) – Do Not Fall Away from Grace

No. Do not fall away from Grace. That is, don’t fall away from the enjoying of Christ in the New Covenant way. But rather, take grace, stand in grace, run the race, enjoying Christ every day.

Hebrews chapter 11 is a famous chapter in the Bible focusing on faith. It reveals marvelously that faith is the free gift of God, and further that it makes God real to us. But, there is a goal to the giving of this gift, and the goal is presented in chapter 12. The goal of faith is our topic today on the life study of the Bible.

01 Jun 2019 Genesis (Program #122)

Genesis (Program #122) – The Ultimate Consummation of God’s Operation in the Bible

As this book is the book of all the seeds of the truth contained in the Bible.  The conclusion of this chapter must correspond with the conclusion of the whole Bible.  At the end of the whole Bible, we all can see in the last two chapters of Revelation there are two main things; the universal blessing and the eternal dwelling of God with man.  The blessing is universal and the dwelling is eternal…