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06 Jun 2019 Hebrews (Program #57)

Hebrews (Program #57) – Enter Within the Veil and Go Outside the Camp

The book of Hebrews contains a dual calling for the people of God, we are first called to enter within the veil. Second, we’re called to go forth unto Him outside the camp. Within the veil and outside the camp. This is our dual destination on today’s life study of the Bible.

06 Jun 2019 Genesis (Program #127)

Genesis (Program #127) – The Reigning Aspect of the Matured Israel (3)

Our life study of Genesis today will give us a full and complete picture of Christ.  As we once again examine the life of Joseph.   How is it that we’ve seen Christ in so many of the Old Testament saints in this life study of Genesis?  We are going to have another type of Christ today…