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29 Sep 2019 Revelation (Program #7)

Revelation (Program #7) – The Local Churches

The practical revelation of the churches on the earth is a very crucial matter.  It’s a matter of the churches practically as they are expressed and seen on the earth, not the universal church globally. It’s interesting that this revelation follows in chapter 1, very closely with the matter of the Lord’s coming again. Is this coincidental or is there a purpose?

29 Sep 2019 Exodus (Program #112)

Exodus (Program #112) – The Court of the Tabernacle (3)

The door or entrance to a building usually says a lot about that building.  For example, the entrance to a state capital or even the White House will give us an impression of the nature of what is within the building.  What about the building of God?  what does the entrance say about the nature and expression of God’s House?  Stay with us today as we look at the gate of the tabernacle of God and in it find the full salvation of Jesus Christ.