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30 Sep 2019 Revelation (Program #8)

Revelation (Program #8) – The Seven Lampstands

It has been said of the Bible that the Old Testament is a book of pictures while the New Testament is a book of captions. But one book in the New Testament is also a book of pictures, and that is Revelation.  Most of the pictures in Revelation, it turns out, are found also in the Old Testament but the view in Revelation has been enlarged. One of these pictures, that is a key to understanding this book is that of the seven golden lampstands seen in chapter 1.

30 Sep 2019 Exodus (Program #113)

Exodus (Program #113) – The Court of the Tabernacle (4)

There is a powerful verse in the gospel of John that says when the Spirit of reality comes, He will convict the world concerning sin, righteousness and judgment.  Actually, every saved person has experienced this very thing.  In fact, without this experience we will never appreciate the need for our wonderful redeeming Christ.  But this same experience is described in the details of the gate of the tabernacle in Exodus.