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01 Oct 2019 Revelation (Program #9)

Revelation (Program #9) – The Son of Man In the Midst of the Churches

The Bible is a book of Christ.  If we have eyes to see, we can see Him not only in every book of the Bible, but really on every page of the Bible.  Revelation, the final book, shows us Christ in so many aspects that we dare not overlook anything if we desire to know Him as He is presented to us in His Holy Word.

01 Oct 2019 Exodus (Program #114)

Exodus (Program #114) – The Lighting of the Lamps and the Garments for the Priesthood (1)

The Bible is a marvelous book.  It truly is like no other book ever written.  But most of us have experienced from time-to-time that it can also be a mysterious book, not that easy to understand.  We may not see that much each time when we come to it.  Yet thankfully others have gone before us.   Through the generations, faithful men have given the keys that unlock this book of books.   Such ones in this century were Watchman Nee and his co-worker Witness Lee.  They not only received the keys, but they passed them on to us.