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03 Oct 2019 Revelation (Program #11)

Revelation (Program #11) – Smyrna – the Resurrection Life and Crown of Life

Revelation, a book of prophecies, speaks of many events that have not yet taken place. But also, it speaks of many events that have since taken place. Even the past 2,000 years of church history were clearly foretold in the opening chapters of Revelation.

03 Oct 2019 Exodus (Program #116)

Exodus (Program #116) – The Priestly Garments (1)

Of all the major items presented to man in the Bible, perhaps none is as misunderstood and mysterious as the church.  Of course, to most people, the church is quite simple; it’s the building on the street corner.  Others though have seen more, that the church is not the physical building at all but is really composed of all the believers, the people of God.  But the revelation doesn’t stop here.  We are going to see a clear and wonderful picture of the church, God’s building.