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04 Oct 2019 Revelation (Program #12)

Revelation (Program #12) – Pergamos – Eating For Transformation

Revelation chapters two and three present us with seven epistles written to seven local churches. These letters are the record of the actual situation existing in these seven churches at the time the letters were written.  But since this is Revelation, a book of signs with a prophetic nature, the situations of the seven churches are also signs signifying prophetically the progress of the church in seven stages.  Today we come to the third of these seven letters, the church in Pergamos.

04 Oct 2019 Exodus (Program #117)

Exodus (Program #117) – The Priestly Garments (2)

Today we are going to bring you again one of our highlight programs from a previous life study and in our life study of Exodus, we are at a point of looking at the precious stones.   These messages are bringing us to the vision in Scripture of God’s building.  We had an outstanding message several months ago when we were in the life study of the book of Acts on this very thing, God’s building as seen in Scripture.  We feel it is a good time to go back and revisit that message.

As Christians we all know Christ as our Savior and our Lord.  We may also know Him as our friend even our healer and many other precious items.   Yet can we say that we, like Peter in Acts 4, know Christ as the stone for God’s building?