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02 Dec 2019 Matthew (Program #3)

Matthew (Program #3) – The King’s Antecedents & Status (3)

Whatever is recorded in the Bible whether in the Old Testament or New Testament is related to Christ.  Nothing make this more clear than the genealogy of Christ recorded in the first chapter of the New Testament.

02 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #1)

Leviticus (Program #1) – An Introductory Word

Leviticus, the third book of the Bible began this way; “Then Jehovah called to Moses and spoke to him out of the Tent of Meeting”. It’s marvelous that this book begins with God’s speaking.  Through the ages, God has revealed Himself and His plan to mankind through speaking.  There is much speaking of God, ahead for all of us in the coming weeks as today we begin our life study of Leviticus.

This is a unique life study of a book that it’s fair to say many people don’t know that much about.  This book is not well-known by many many Christians but this message and as we go through this whole book, we are going to have our eyes opened to a lot of marvelous speaking from God.