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12 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #11)

Leviticus (Program #11) – The Practical Experience and Enjoyment of Christ as the Offerings

The Old Testament established a definite principle that sinful and fallen man must have an offering before coming into God’s presence.  In Leviticus and other Old Testament books sacrifices of animals and grain were prescribed by God.  But what about now?  Has God’s principle been abandoned?  Is it acceptable to approach Him empty-handed?  Or do His people still need an acceptable offering to come into God’s presence?

12 Dec 2019 Matthew (Program #13)

Matthew (Program #13) – The Decree of the Kingdom’s Constitution (1)

The gospel of Matthew is the gospel on the kingdom of the heavens.  One of the most difficult things for believers to understand is the kingdom of the heavens.  It does not correspond to any natural or religious concept.  It refers to something very specific.  To understand the kingdom of the heavens, we all need to be unloaded of our traditional thoughts and concepts from the past.