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13 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #12)

Leviticus (Program #12) – The Elements of the Meal Offering for the Christian Life and the Church Life

Leviticus is a book of details and if we have a guide in all these details are full of meaning.  For example salt is a necessary ingredient in the meal offering but honey is not allowed.  How many readers of the Bible have ever applied these details of the meal offering in Leviticus to their own experience of Christ?  Today in the life-study of Leviticus our topic are the ingredients of the meal offering.  And we will see the Christian life depicted in all these marvelous ingredients.

13 Dec 2019 Matthew (Program #14)

Matthew (Program #14) – The Decree of the Kingdom’s Constitution (2)

In three well-known chapters in the gospel of Matthew, the Lord Jesus gives a detailed description of the kingdom of the heavens.  It’s no accident, that this description begins with short verse: “Blessed are the poor in spirit”.  The kingdom of the heavens is absolutely related to our spirit.