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15 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #14)

Leviticus (Program #14) – The Peace Offering Christ as the Peace Between God and God’s People

In His wisdom and understanding God has elected to reveal Himself in His plan.  Not by way of miraculous appearances from the heavens or by supernatural manifestations but rather by speaking. His speaking is contained in His Word, the Bible.  And if we are attuned to hear His speaking is as fresh today as it was when He first spoke to His people from the Tabernacle or the Tent of Meeting as it is called in Leviticus.

15 Dec 2019 Matthew (Program #16)

Matthew (Program #16) – The Decree of the Kingdom’s Constitution (4)

We’ve often heard a person described as the salt of the earth.  It’s become a very common term use to describe someone of solid and dependable character.  Actually this term comes from the New Testament gospel of Matthew and it along with it’s companion verse “you are the light of the world” are used specifically to describe not just people of character but actually those people who are fit to inhabit the kingdom of the heavens.