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22 Dec 2019 Matthew (Program #23)

Matthew (Program #23) – The Decree of the Kingdom’s Constitution (11)

In order for us to live under the heavenly ruling of the kingdom, we must be very careful in dealing with others.  Matthew chapters 5 and 6 touch things deep within ourselves; like our temper and lust, even our anxiety about  riches.  But chapter 7 brings us to the crucial matter of how we deal with other people.

As we once again consider the account in Matthew and how much the Lord cares for the way we handle other people.

22 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #21)

Leviticus (Program #21) – The Law of the Sin, Trespass, Peace Offerings

It’s not difficult for us to consider as law, the Ten Commandments given through Moses. However, we might find it hard to regard the law as something that concerns our enjoyment of Christ.  We may think that if there’s a law concerning the enjoyment of Christ, there could not be any enjoyment. Our eyes are about to be opened to realize that our enjoyment in experiencing Christ as life is regulated according to the law of life.

It helps to realize that we have five basic problems -we are not absolute for God, we never could be God’s testimony, what we are is just sin, what we do is nothing but commit sins and trespasses, what we never could have is peace with God.  Hallelujah for Christ! Christ is the burnt offering who is absolute for God. When we enjoy Him, God accepts us and we are satisfaction to Him. Christ secondly is the meal offering who is perfect, fine, even, balanced, proper man filled with divinity to be God’s testimony. Christ is the sin offering who became more…