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27 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #26)

Leviticus (Program #26) – Discernment in Diet

We’ve all heard the term “Kosher” and probably realize that kosher has to do with the approved or acceptable diet of Orthodox Jews. But you may not know that the origin of kosher dietary regulations is in Leviticus chapter 11. Though we are not here to discuss the nutritional benefits of such a diet we do want to see the spiritual significance that these dietary regulations have for all of us in the New Testament regardless of what we chose to eat.

27 Dec 2019 Matthew (Program #28)

Matthew (Program #28) – The Continuation of the King’s Ministry (4)

There is a very fascinating account in the New Testament where the diciples of John the Baptist approached Jesus comparing their own religious practices with those of His followers.  The Lord’s response to them was marvelous beyond human wisdom.  What was this mysterious yet divine response?  We will look at it today.