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04 Feb 2020 Numbers (Program #25)

Numbers (Program #25) – Fighting (5)

For more than forty years the children of Israel follow one clear leadership.  Despite the occasional challenge to his leadership, Moses was the undeniable selection of Jehovah; as the unique one that was to lead them through the wilderness and to the good land.  But at 120 years of age, the Lord came to Moses to let him know that he was about to be gathered to his people and that he will not be entering into the land with the people.  We might think especially with all of things that Moses had done with and for the Lord, his concern would have been why he was being denied the opportunity to gain an entrance for himself.  But to the contrary, his only concern and care was for the people.  Who would be there to go in and come out before the people?  This is the story of a man according to God’s heart and it is an inspiring story for us to consider, as we will on this life study from the book of Numbers.

04 Feb 2020 Matthew (Program #67)
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Matthew (Program #67) – Prophecy of the Kingdom (6)

There is a parable in Matthew 25 about utilizing the gifts or talents that the Lord has given to us for His interests. The faithful ones in this parable not only used them for the Lord, but even gained more talents for Him. While the unfaithful servant didn’t lose what the Lord had given him, he just failed to use it to make a profit for the Master. But what are these talents and what is it to use them to gain profit for the Lord?