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08 Feb 2020 Numbers (Program #29)

Numbers (Program #29) – Fighting (8)

We all familiar with the Old Testament principle calling for “an eye for an eye”.  This implies the penalty for serious crime was very severe in the dispensation of the law and surely it was.  Though ‘an eye for an eye” speaks of the righteous nature of God, it doesn’t fully reflect His mercy and grace.  As the children of Israel preparing to enter into the good land, they were given a much different provision to deal with offenders and that was the six cities of refuge in which a guilty person can flee and be protected from his avenger.  Here is another aspect of our God being displayed and we all as guilty ones have benefited from taking safe refuge in God’s place of refuge; today our Savior Christ.

08 Feb 2020 Matthew (Program #71)

Matthew (Program #71) – Pressed in Gethsemane, Judged by the Sanhedrin, and Denied by Peter

Most Christians are familiar with Peter’s denial of Christ on the night before His crucifixion.  Many have likely wondered how such an apostle, who had been so close to the Lord Jesus for more than three years, could have so utterly failed Him at this critical moment.  But actually, what this account reveals is not just a defect in our brother Peter, but the absolute inability of all of us to meet the demand of God’s kingdom with our natural life.