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02 Sep 2020 Isaiah (Program #3)

Isaiah (Program #3) – The Salvation of Jehovah to His Beloved People and the Nations (2 & 3)

“Come let us reason together”, Isaiah the Old Testament prophet declares on behalf of God “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow”.  How beautifully these Old Testament words point us to our dear Lord Jesus and His all-sufficient sacrifice for sin.  This is a well-know verse in Isaiah but the context and the whole scene unveiled here is not so well-known.  Stay us today as we explore once again Jehovah God and His loving and righteous dealings with His people.

02 Sep 2020 Acts (Program #27)

Acts (Program #27) – The Conversion of Saul (3)

The book of Acts records one of the most remarkable personal reversals in all of history. Saul of Tarsus was highly educated, respected, and feared. He was the fierce and outstanding persecutor of the early Christians. But in the space of 72 hours, he became the strongest proponent of the One whom he had persecuted. We bring you another look at this most incredible conversion on today’s life study of the Bible.