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28 Oct 2020 Isaiah (Program #31)

Isaiah (Program #31) – A Twig from the Stem of Jesse & a Branch from the Root of Jesse (1)

Isaiah 11 contains a well-known description of the Kingdom of God where the wolf dwell with the lamb and the leopard with the kid, even a nursing babe is safe in the cobra’s den.  Makes a great bible story for our children doesn’t it?  But when will there be reality to the story?  It will come when the Christ of reality is fully administering His righteous kingdom on the earth.

28 Oct 2020 Acts (Program #55)

Acts (Program #55) – The Propagation in Asia Minor and Europe through the Ministry of Paul’s Company (21)

In Acts chapter 20, the Apostle Paul was departing from the saints in Ephesus whom he loved dearly. He gave them a solemn warning saying, “I know that after my departure, fierce wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock, and from among you, yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverted things to draw away the disciples after them.”  Who were these wolves? What was their aim?  Stay with us for an extraordinary life study of the Bible.