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31 Oct 2020 Isaiah (Program #34)

Isaiah (Program #34) – The King Reigning in the Tent of David, the Eternal Rock, a Savior

“Then will a throne be established in loving kindness and upon it One will sit in truth in the tent of David, judging and pursuing justice and hastening righteousness.”  Surely there was a king ruling from the throne in the tent of David in Old Testament time.  Interestingly, the tent of David with its kingly throne reappears in the coming kingdom age.  But does the tent of David have to do with us today?

31 Oct 2020 Acts (Program #58)

Acts (Program #58) – The Propagation in Asia Minor and Europe through the Ministry of Paul’s Company (24)

In Acts chapter 12, James and the other leading brothers in Jerusalem boasted to the apostle Paul’s saying “You observe, brother, how many thousands there are among the Jews who have believed; and all are zealous for the law.”  With tens of thousands believing it seems that truly it was much to boast of in Jerusalem but their boast reveal something else; a dangerous mixture existed in the first New Testament church.  Stay with us, as we explore the effects of this mixture on today’s life study of the Bible.