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09 Apr 2021 2 Corinthians (Program #21)

2 Corinthians (Program #21) – Shining the Glory of the New Covenant (2)

Two items are marvelously connected in 2 Corinthians that you may have never noticed or linked before. These two things are the New Covenant and the shining of the glory of Christ.

The Old Covenant was a Covenant of law and of letters with the affect of bringing us into spiritual death. The New Covenant on the other hand has everything to do with the Spirit and life. And to be brought into the reality of the New Covenant is to be brought into the glory of the face of Jesus Christ.

09 Apr 2021 Genesis (Program #34)

Genesis (Program #34) – The Third Fall of Man (2)

Today is the second message from the first part of Genesis 6 and a very deep interpretation of the events of that time.   This is a deep section, much deeper than we may realize from a casual reading.   Today we are going to hear about Nephilim and illegal marriage between fallen angels and the daughters of men.  And also a reference to a book that we have quoted from previously in our life study by a man named G. H. Pember.