09 Apr 2018 Romans (Program #1)

Romans (Program #1) – A Foreword

Our God is a God of newness and we enjoy Him and apply Him for this new start in the Life-Study series.

Historically, Romans has been presented and studied as one of the great books of Christian doctrine and theology. Certainly we will recognize it in this way and touch these bulwarks of the truth in the weeks ahead, but that will not be our primary emphasis in this Life-Study of Romans. Although we in no way intend to minimize the significance of Romans as a basic book of doctrine and theology – there is no way to side-step the great doctrinal matters in this book – our burden is to build upon these doctrines, taking them as the foundation to show how the book of Romans itself is in its own words a book of redemption, life, and building. We need to go from the beginning to the end: all the way from being sinners, to sons of God, to members of the Body of Christ living a practical church life for the Body. We need to see redemption in the earlier chapters; redemption with justification brings in life, and this life is the life that produces and builds up the Body of Christ, which is expressed in genuine, local churches. This is a bird’s eye view of the coming Life-Study of Romans.

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