15 Nov 2020 Romans (Program #2)

Romans (Program #2) – A Foreword

God wants to fill us with Himself to such an extent that we are swallowed up by His life even in our mortal bodies until we become in full His many sons to glorify Him.

There are probably more studies and expositions of the book of Romans than nearly any other New Testament book. But this study is unique in that we want to take the view of how we want to enjoy Christ as our life and life supply so that He can be everything to us for the building up of the Body of Christ to consummate the New Jerusalem as God’s unique goal in this universe.

Have you ever considered that the entire 66 books of the Bible show us a divine romance? If we look throughout the Bible, we see that God in Christ is the bridegroom and that God’s redeemed and chosen people are the bride. The Bible begins with the story of a marriage, Adam and Eve.  Adam is a type of Christ; Eve is a type of the church. When you look through the Old Testament, especially when you come to the prophets, You see that God wants to be a husband to His people.  In Isaiah 54:5, God cries out to the children of Israel: “Your Maker is your Husband.” God is our Husband. In Song of Songs, which is an extract of the whole Bible, the seeking believer, who typifies us as the seeking believers of Christ, prays to the Lord : “Draw me…” (v.2), “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth” (v.4). This shows that we need to have a personal and affectionate relationship with our dear Lord Jesus. We should tell the Lord, “Lord, draw me to Yourself. Lord, kiss me with the kisses of your mouth.” We need to tell the Lord every day, even right now, “Lord Jesus, I love You”. This is to be in the divine romance. In Matthew chapter 9, when the Lord was in Matthew’s house, He revealed Himself as the Bridegroom. In Ephesians 5, Paul reveals Christ as the Husband and the church as Christ’s wife. In Revelation 19, there is the marriage dinner of the Lamb, and eventually in Revelation 21, the New Jerusalem is the wife of Christ as the Lamb. Taking this brief tour through the whole Bible, we can see that the whole Bible reveals a divine romance between God and His people. And situated right squarely in the middle of this context is the book of Romans.

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