05 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #4)

Leviticus(Program #4) – The Burnt Offering Christ for God’s Satisfaction (2)

Many Christians pass over the fine points in this book, but the Lord has revealed many details of our precious Christ in Leviticus.  Most believers in Christ today know that Christ is the Lamb of God but not many had heard the details of the sacrifice that’s offer to God as described in Leviticus chapters 1 through 7.  As we touch an unique picture of our experience of Christ as it’s revealed in the Old Testament sacrifices.

The book of Leviticus shows us the way God’s people were to worship Him and then as a result of their worship of God they live a holy life. So these things are portrayed in Leviticus.  According to Leviticus to worship God is not just to bow down and to recognizes how awesome and mighty God is. But to worship God is to contact God and to enjoy Christ together with God. This may be a different definition of worship than many Christians have heard but this is the real worship that’s revealed in the Bible and this is the worship that is spoken about in John 4:24 where John said that Father is seeking the true worshipers who will worship Him in spirit, that means in their regenerated human spirit and in reality, that’s with Christ as the reality of all the offerings.  So the real worship of God is to contact God in our spirit and to enjoy Christ as the reality of the offerings together with God. So in Leviticus in the first 7 chapters especially we see these pictures of the five different kinds of offerings. The burn offering, the meal offering, the sin offering, the trespass offering, and the peace offering. These offerings were not only sacrifices but they were actually presents or gifts offer to God by those who appreciate Christ, those who experience Christ, those who enjoy Christ and those who appreciate Christ. And the interesting thing about most these offerings is that there is a portion that not for God to enjoy but also for God’s people to enjoy. So we may say that God and His people together enjoy these offerings. And they enjoy by way of eating. Something of the offering was eaten by God’s people and also was eaten by God.  And we will see what that means in the future broadcast. The picture here is a picture of the mutual enjoyment. God and His people enjoying some common portion together in fellowship and this common portion is just Christ Himself who is portrayed in these offerings.

In relating worship to contact with God, as the priests in the offers were preparing these various offerings, they weren’t just caught up in the ceremonial aspect. but they were preparing it according to God’s direction knowing that they were about to have contact with Him in the actual presenting of these offerings so to get the really picture we have to understand these offerings were the vehicle by which God’s people, the priests and the offerers were coming into contact with the living God. This really is the center piece, the focus of our worship rather than just something ceremonial. The main aspect and item in worshiping God is to have contact with Him, to have fellowship with Him and to enjoy Christ together with Him.

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