30 Nov 2020 Romans (Program #17)

Romans (Program #17) – The Freedom of the Spirit in Our spirit (3)

What’s so marvelous is Romans 8 shows us that Christ as the Spirit of life comes into us and He dispenses Himself as life into our whole being!

What we see in Romans and what we see from this wonderful life study is that Romans shows us the complete salvation of God.  A key verse in the book of Romans is Romans 5:10 which tells us that on the one hand, we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son but this verse goes on to say that there’s much more to the Christian life. This much more is that we are saved in His life. This verse shows us the complete salvation of God.  On the one hand, we’re redeemed objectively but then the Lord goes on after we’re redeemed to save us in His life.  That means He dispenses Himself as life into our entire being to make us men of life for the building up of the Body of Christ. This is the complete salvation of God in Romans and this is what this wonderful life study unveils to us.

There’s a fairly solid understanding of the first part of this full complete salvation and we had some wonderful messages on that earlier in the life study of Romans.  We’re coming now to the second part of the book which really is the second half of Romans 5:10 of “…being saved in His life.” We’re going to look today at the contrast between the portrait that Paul paints in chapter 7 and the much brighter picture we have in Chapter 8.

In Romans 7 what we see is a person in bondage in the flesh by the sin that indwells him. What we’ve seen in the previous broadcasts is that although Romans 7 describes the condition of an unsaved person mostly all Christians pass through this experience after they are saved.  What we see in Romans 7 is that the law of God outside of us makes demands on us and there’s a law in our mind which is the law of good which wants to do good and correspond to the law of God. Romans 7 says that whenever we try to do good, evil is right there with us dragging us down. This is the law of sin and death in our flesh.  So at the end of Romans 7 Paul says, “Wretched man that I am! Who can save me from the body of this death?” Then he says. “Thanks be to God, through Jesus Christ our Lord!” that brings us into Romans 8 where we see the wonderful liberating, vivifying, life-giving law of the Spirit of life in our spirit that frees us from the law of sin and death.  This brings us to Romans 8.

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