04 Dec 2020 Romans (Program #21)

Romans (Program #21) – Heirs of Glory (3)

Our destiny in Christ as we will see today is not to die and go to heaven but to become heirs of glory, fully conformed to the image of God’s Firstborn Son.

Christ is not only the only begotten Son of God with respect to His eternal deity but He is also in God’s economy the Firstborn son. The New Testament gives us a full and balanced revelation concerning Christ. It is an undeniable fact that Christ always was, is, and always will be with respect to Godhead the only begotten Son of God. This is His status eternally in the Godhead but when the Son of God as the embodiment of the Father and by the Spirit, became a man, He took on humanity.  When we speak of Him as the Firstborn Son, we speak of Him in relation to His humanity taken on incarnation and glorified in His resurrection. The word “firstborn” clearly indicates many other sons that is exactly what the Bible especially Romans reveals.  So, on the one hand in the Godhead, in His deity, Christ is the only begotten Son of God but He is also the Firstborn son of God with respect to His humanity and in relation to His many brothers as God’s many sons. He can also be the Firstborn Son among many sons and among them He has the first place, the central place, the preeminence.

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