05 Dec 2020 Romans (Program #22)

Romans (Program #22) – Heirs of Glory (4)

Most Christians know and have quoted Romans 8:28 that God works all things together for good to those who love Him. Today we are going to find out what is that “good” that God is working for in every Christian’s life.

The value of Romans 8 is hard to overestimate in a Christian’s life.  It tells us in a practical way how we can experience the Spirit as the sanctifying Spirit – the Spirit of life in a practical way to make our mind life by setting our mind upon the spirit, to transform us in that life and even to bring that life into our mortal body.  This chapter is so critical in our understanding of the whole matter of the Spirit working Himself into the believers and this generally is understood as sanctification and the process of sanctification and we know that Paul divided Romans into these sections: first dealing with justification – of how man who was guilty before God was justified in Christ. Then he moves on to the matter of sanctification – how as believers we not only sanctified by the very life of God sanctifies us dispositionally that we could have God living in us and as life in our soul, in our mind and even to our mortal bodies.   Then in chapter 8, Paul takes a crucial turn again from sanctification to glorification which is our subject today.   In this matter, it’s talking about not only being transformed and sanctified but it’s talking about actually being glorified – a process by which God will conform even our physical body to His image and we will be glorified with Christ, the Firstborn Son of God. It is a tremendously important chapter and in it is this famous verse concerning God “working all things together for good”, many Christians don’t realize the real meaning of that verse.

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