21 Feb 2018 Romans (Program #24)

Romans (Program #24) – God’s Selection, Our Destiny (2)

As Christians, our destiny is to receive God, contain God, be filled with God and express God.  We can enjoy our destiny by opening our mouth wide and calling on the name of the Lord saying, “Lord Jesus, I love You!  Fill me with Yourself.”

Today, we’re in chapter 10. Paul, in this portion gets quite deep in his writing in places.  We want to develop the thought in these portions today, particularly related to the section of chapter 10 and around chapter 10. The overall topic of these three chapters is “God’s selection and our destiny”. It is a tremendous topic showing us that God’s selection is our destiny. Here we can really see our destiny having been selected by God.  We’re selected by God as vessels of God to receive Him, contain Him, and be filled with Him to express Him to fulfill His heart’s desire.  God’s selection and our destiny is altogether focused on Christ. First of all, we see Christ as the very end of the law. Secondly, we see Christ as the incarnated and resurrected One.  Thirdly, we see the Christ who is so wonderfully near and dear. Fourthly, we see Christ needs to be believed in and called upon so that we can be filled up with Him to fulfill God’s heart’s desire.  Most Christians sorry to say, including myself for many years, viewed ourselves as believers merely as instruments.  But God’s selection, God’s choosing of us according to His desire was as vessels to receive Him, to contain Him, to be filled with Him so that we can express Him.  This is a delightful portion in the Word bringing us to God’s selection, our destiny and even bringing us to the way that we can really enjoy our destiny and enter into the main point in this section of the Word.

What really zero’s in on God’s heart’s desire, His focus is that we be vessels to contain Him. The difference is profound; it’s beyond significant in terms of how we appropriate these chapters in Romans. If all we are  just instruments to work for God, God’s purpose is not fulfilled. God needs to be expressed, so He needs to come into us. This is His heart’s desire. So what a wonderful portion in the Word to see that we’re selected by God as vessels to receive Him, contain Him and be filled with Him to express Him.

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