25 Feb 2018 Romans (Program #28)

Romans (Program #28) – Transformation in Practicing the Body Life and in Subjection, Love and Warfare

In all of our experiences we need to have the real expression of the life of Christ in all that we do; in our behavior, in our habits, in our ways, we like to be living out Christ.

The emphasis that Paul places on the gifts both in Romans and also in Corinthians.  He surely acknowledges the so call the gifts of the Spirit but it seems that his emphasis is on the gifts that help us in the growth of life.  Witness Lee picked up the concept and the revelation that came through our brother Paul.  Paul was very much on the gifts that have to do with the growth in life.  Regarding the gifts of the Spirit, this is one area that has been very much misunderstood by a lot of Christians. We just hope that this emphasis could be more focused on the matter of life.  The gifts of the Spirit that are miraculous can just be exercised by anyone at anytime that may be gifted to do a certain thing.  Commonly, gifts of the Spirit includes speaking in tongues and healing and miraculous things.  But the emphasis in Romans is not on the miraculous gifts but the gifts have to do with the matter of life.  The more life you have the more gifts you may have.  For example, if a tree grows and bears fruit, the fruit it bears depends on the life of the tree.  The same with us.  The more we grow in the divine life from our spirit to our soul in the transforming work, the more we can exercise the gifts that really build up life in others.  For example, we like to know that when we speak something it imparts Christ into others.  But our speaking depends on how much life experience we have.

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