04 Mar 2018 Romans (Program #35)

Romans (Program #35) – Being Freed from Sin, the Law and the Flesh

Our destiny is not merely to go from hell to heaven.  Our destiny is God’s heart desire which is to make us sinners into sons of God, to be constituted the Body of Christ for His glorious expression in this universe.

Many of us know what it is to struggle against sin and the flesh.  And many also know the struggle of never living up to the standard that we or others set for us.  All three requires the freeing of the spirit recorded in Romans chapter 8.  This is our focus of the life-study of the Bible today.

Once again today we look at the tremendous revelation that God is busy making sinners into sons.  Sometimes you hear the word “adopted” inserted into this portion regarding our being the sons of God.   To be a son of God, you need the life of God. The word “adopted” doesn’t do justice simply because of our understanding of “adopted”. That is, if a child is adopted by some parents, that child does not have the life of those parents. We, as children of God, at one point we were not God’s children. Then we became God’s children when we receive His life, in that sense, there’s adoption. Actually, the divine meaning here is not really adoption but sonship.  God is busy doing what we can call “sonizing”.  That is He is busy as the wonderful resurrected life-giving Spirit making our entire being life.  So that we can be a full-fledged bonafide son of God who is a duplication and a reproduction of Christ, who is the Firstborn Son of God. This is God’s heart desire and this is His economy.

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