20 Mar 2018 Romans (Program #51)

Romans (Program #51) – The Flesh and the Spirit

The Bible reveals to us three big enemies to our Christian life: sin, Satan and death. All of these three take advantage of our fallen flesh to frustrate us, but God’s approach to our flesh may surprise you. That’s the focus on today’s Life-Study of the Bible.

In these chapters in Romans, we’re seeing the three enemies and how they are seen as enemies that reign over us. In Romans 5:21, it mentions that sin reigned in death. In 5:14, it says “death reigned”. We learned from the book of Acts that Satan has some kind of authority like the power of darkness. These are the three big enemies. Now, in 5:17, we are promised that those who receive the abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through Jesus Christ. So, not only these items reign, but there is a promise here that we will reign. We will reign in life. The life here in which we who receive will reign is the eternal, the divine, the uncreated life of God. This is the only life that’s capable of reigning over these enemies. And this life is now in our spirit. It is not by our human effort or our improved conduct, but by this life that we will reign. This life does not merely save us from a few sinful things, but it enthrones us to reign over all things. As believers in Christ, we’ve received already righteousness because of His death for us, but we still need to receive the abundance of grace so that we can reign in life. Verse 21 tells us that grace reigns through righteousness unto eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. So, for this reigning in life we keep on receiving the abundance of grace. In the following chapters in Romans, we’ll see how this grace reigns over sin, over death and over Satan, over so many things that we are put under all the day long.

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