21 Mar 2018 Romans (Program #52)

Romans (Program #52) – Serving in the Gospel of His Son

In Romans chapter one, we’re exhorted to serve in the gospel of His Son. We may think that this means just to preach the gospel, but we’ll find out today in the Life-Study of the Bible with Witness Lee that to serve God in the gospel of His Son is far more involved than simply telling people the good news of Christ’s salvation.

This title “Serving in the Gospel of His Son” comes from verse 9 of Romans 1 where Paul says “God is my witness, whom I serve in my spirit in the gospel of His Son”. Then in verse 1 of the same chapter, Paul said that he’s separated unto the gospel of God. What we’ll see in this broadcast and what we need to see is that when we refer to the gospel, we’re talking about the full gospel of God. We’ll see that this gospel is focused on a wonderful Person, this person is the Lord Jesus Christ who possesses both divinity and humanity. What the Lord wants to do is He wants to conform us to His image as the firstborn Son of God. Lastly, what we’ll see is that the righteousness of God is the power of the gospel of God. I think this will be a marvelous broadcast that will enlighten us and will equip us with the truth so that we can communicate this glorious gospel to others.

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