14 Jan 2021 Romans (Program #62)

Romans (Program #62) – The Dispensation of the Triune God According to His Righteousness, through His Holiness, and Unto His Glory

Today we’ve come to a message that’s has to do with the attributes of God, particularly His righteousness, His holiness and His glory.

The message of Romans is how God’s full salvation not only saves us from eternal perdition but bring us all the way into glorious expression. This is the Gospel of God in Romans.

A marvelous message looking at some of the attributes of God, three particularly and these involved us directly and those are His righteousness, His holiness and His glory.

It is marvelous to consider the attributes of God. Most people when they think of God’s attributes, they just consider God is love, God is kind, God is good, God is sovereign. This book, as in Romans is kind of building with a certain kind of structure.  And the structure of this book is really of these three attributes of God, righteousness, holiness and glory. The three attributes of course are eternal. After God created man, these were the attributes which God intended to display in man. They were all included you might say in the tree of life. If Adam had taken the tree of life instead of the tree of knowledge, he would had been partaking God’s righteousness, holiness and even His glory.  However, Adam took the tree of knowledge which represented Satan and he was constituted then with sin. Actually our sins are opposite of God’s righteousness and of course against God’s holiness and certainly don’t express His glory.  Immediately therefore when man was expelled from the garden and certain of guard was set up around the tree of life. A flaming sword and cherubim to guard the way to the tree of life so that man and his sinful condition would not be able to take the tree of life. God’s righteousness is demonstrated by the sword to kill the sinners. And God’s holiness is demonstrated by the flame, which is to burn us. And God’s glory is demonstrated by the cherubim to keep an eye over us, demanding and charging. These are the three attributes of God’s which are the requirements which must be met in order for God to come into man and to be His life.

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