17 Jan 2021 Romans (Program #65)

Romans (Program #65) – Transformation and Conformation by the Grafted Life (1)

Today we would see although God created man in His own likeness in Genesis, still we would need the process of transformation and conformation to express Him as the sons of God.

Most of us recall the account of creation in Genesis that man was created in the image of God  and with His likeness,  the real purpose of this similarity between man and God is what we are exploring on today’s life study.

In Romans 12 we see the words, conform and transform and we are going to see there is definitely linkage between what the apostle Paul developed in Romans and the marvelous way that God created man in His own image. The obvious question is why are we created in God’s image?

We are created in God’s image that we might contain God.  Use the illustration of a glove and the image of a hand that the glove could contain the hand.  So in the similar way God created man or form man in His own image with the intention that He would live in that man and be expressed in that man.  And of course this happened in Jesus Christ and God dwell in the man Jesus Christ so we can see divinity can dwell in humanity quite well. In this program we will explore how He will also dwell in us through this process including the word conformation and transformation.

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