21 Jan 2021 Romans (Program #69)

Romans (Program #69) – God Condemning Sin in the Flesh That We May be in the Spirit

We have a very helpful program today dealing with a topic that’s often debated among believers.

Today we have one of the great goals that we as Christians set for ourselves and that is the matter of walking according to spirit. Is this a proper goal for us as Christ to set for ourselves?   It seems like in one sense like one of those nebulous and kind of spiritual items that may be somewhat difficult to get a handle on in our experience.

Of course It is very critical that we Christians walk according to the spirit.  In Epistles, Paul even commands us to do this.  Of course in Romans 8:4 he tells us and charges us that we need to walk according to the spirit.  Even in Galatians 5:16 it is an imperative, he says walk by the spirit or walk according to the spirit.  So this is a command in the New Testament and we have to realize that when Paul uses the word walk, this word means we need to live, move and have our being according to the spirit.  So everything we do in our Christian life, we have to do according to the spirit…

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