03 Dec 2018 Philippians (Program #14)

Philippians (Program #14) – A Drink Offering Poured Out Upon the Sacrifice of the Believer’s Faith

Philippians 2:17 says “But if i am poured out as a drink offering on the sacrifice and priestly service of your faith, I rejoice together with you all.” What is this drink offering that the apostle said he was poured out at?  If our experience of Christ has not come to the point where we have been constituted as a drink offering we have not yet experienced Christ to the uttermost. The drink offering is our topic today on this life study of the Bible from the book of Philippians.

We touched the drink offering back in the life study of Genesis, it was a remarkable program at that time, and we had several calls from people who have some inkling of what it was but really had an experience of being brought into a vision of it for the first time.

As an introduction to the drink offering, from Leviticus in the Old Testament and it was this that the apostle Paul referring to in Philippians 2:17.  A portion out of the life study message from Philippians.  This will be a good background for drink offering for those who are not familiar with it:

“The burnt offering, the meal offering, the peace offering, the sin offering and the trespass offering were the basic offerings, but the drink offering was not. The 5 basic offerings covered in chapter 1 through 7 of Leviticus are types of various aspects of what Christ is to God on our behalf.  If we read number 15:1-10, 28:7-10 we see that drink offering was something additional. If one of the basic offerings was offered without the drink offering this was an indication that there was something lacking with the presentation of the basic offering. The one who offer the basic offering must have been rather poor. Actually the drink offering signifies that the offerer himself becomes the drink offering. However this does not mean that the offerer can be such a drink offering according to his own natural constitution rather he must enjoy Christ to such an extent that Christ fills him, saturates him and permeates him. Christ is the heavenly wine for our enjoyment. When we enjoy Him by taking Him into us, we shall become filled with Him and thoroughly saturated with Him. In this way we become the wine to be poured out as the drink offering upon the offering we present to God.”

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