23 Dec 2018 Philippians (Program #55)

Philippians (Program #55) – A Life Full of Forbearance But Without Anxiety (2)

What word would you use to describe a life that expresses Christ?  Would you say loving, submissive, may be patient, humble or kind?  All of these words do describe aspects of Christ’s living. But none individually are adequate. It’s significant that the apostle Paul does not use any of these terms in the last chapter of Philippians focusing on the living out of Christ. Instead he uses the word forbearance. “Let your forbearance be known to all man.” He did not tell us to let our patience, our humility be known, but our forbearance. This all inclusive virtue of Christ is the topic today.

Philippians is unique in the New Testament, because it talks about the experience of Christ.  We are going to see that actually forbearance as virtue is Christ Himself and we need to let this Christ as forbearance within us be known to all man.

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