25 Dec 2018 Philippians (Program #58)

Philippians (Program #58) – A Life Full of Forbearance But Without Anxiety (6 & 7)

It has been said that anxiety is the totality of the natural human life. Day by day even hour by hour our human life is just consumed with the anxiety.  And it seems like the more thoughtful and sensitive we are the more anxiety we suffer. Yet the Bible says “let your forbearance be known to all men in nothing be anxious.”  These two things, anxiety and forbearance represent not just opposite ends of the spectrum but actually characterize two completely different sources from which our life experience might flow.

It is truly liberating to see anxiety and forbearance as coming from two sources and it is extremely enlightening to see what these sources are. And once we see this it will gradually dawn on us that anxiety and forbearance are mutually exclusive.  We either live one or the other but not both at the same time.  There is marvelous light coming on this matter as there has been in previous broadcast…

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