12 Aug 2019 Exodus (Program# 64)

Exodus (Program #64) – Apart From the Living God the Law Becoming the Killing Letters

God’s eternal purpose is to work Himself into us as our life so that we may take Him as our person to live Him and to express Him. This is the desire of God’s heart; it is also the focal point of the Bible including the book of Exodus. Stay with us today as we are drawn again to God’s intention and heart’s desire even as He gave man the revelation of His law and commandments.

This program again brings us into the Exodus of God’s people and the continuing unveiling of how this story is really our story as well. In Exodus 19 and 20, God gave the commandments to the people, most people know them as the ten commandments.  Right away the people responded with this word, “All that God has said we will do”.  That seems good enough when we read it but this was really a window that exposes a lot about the people.  Why is it such a telling remark showing that the people were a long way from where God desires them to be?

We can see that the statement that Israel made “All that God has said we will do” is actually not the desire of God’s heart.  God heart’s desire is really to work Himself into us to be our life which is really the focal point of the Bible. God’s eternal intention is that He would do something in us, not that we would do something for God. However, due to the fall, the two striking characteristics of fallen mankind are: (1) man is independent (2) man tries to do something for God on his own initiative. This is the situation where Israel was in Exodus 19 and 20.

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