12 Apr 2019 Hebrews (Program #2)

Hebrews (Program #2) – God Has Spoken

Hebrews is a book of God’s speaking. Do you have God’s speaking? Listen today to find out how you can receive light, life and power from God’s speaking in the Son. The book of Hebrews begins with God’s speaking. Speaking is the way a living person makes himself known. Without doubt, we have a living God desiring to make Himself known to men.

It’s interesting that this mysterious book opens with God’s speaking and a contrast to His speaking in the Old Testament dispensation with that of His speaking in the New Testament. What is the primary distinction? Hebrews is a book of God’s speaking; it doesn’t acknowledge an author to emphasize the point that it is the speaking of God to His people. The main point of the book of Hebrews is to help those who had heard His Old Testament speaking to realize that He has a New Testament speaking. Hebrews is simply a contrast between the Old and the New; and in the New Testament, God is speaking in His Son – in Christ. So, Hebrews is actually not that mysterious – it’s just three or four different comparisons of things from the Old Testament dispensation to the experience of Christ in the New Testament and then it’s usually followed by a warning. So you have four comparisons, four warnings, introduction and conclusion – it’s a very simple book in one way. But, the key is that He wants to bring us all forward into God’s current speaking in the Son. So He uses many comparisons, many ways, many words to tell us we have to come forward, we have to cross that river, we have to be one with God in His speaking today, and that speaking is in the Son.

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