14 Apr 2019 Hebrews (Program #4)

Hebrews (Program #4) – Christ as the Son of God – as God Superior to the Angels

In the book of Hebrews, we see the vast superiority of Christ to everything, everyone and every matter in the entire old covenant. What could compare to Christ? We all know that there is an Old and New Testament (or covenant). Both have God and angels and many other godly items. But one is vastly superior to the other. We’ll look at this comparison from the book of Hebrews on today’s life study of the Bible.

We believe that the apostle Paul was the writer of Hebrews. Considering his audience at the time, why was it necessary for him to so meticulously build a strong case for the new covenant by comparing it to the old?

Well, these Jewish believers on the one hand were appreciating their faith in Christ; but on the other hand their old background was something established by God in the Old Testament. So, they were hesitating, they were wandering, and, they were in this kind of situation needing a kind of heavenly push and a heavenly pull. They were called by the Lord through Paul, writing this epistle, they were called to go on with the Lord. And they needed to cross the river (remember Hebrews means river-crosser). So Paul by presenting this tremendous Christ, this vastly superior Christ in the book of Hebrews, was not necessarily rebuking them but showing them by comparison how wonderful Christ is and how foolish it is to not come forward and to experience this Christ and enjoy this Christ and pursue this Christ with their whole being. So their need was to come forward out of their old background to this wonderful marvelous Christ who is the center of God’s New Testament economy! These believers, in their Jewish background, their old religion actually given by God initially became the river that they needed to cross. Can our old experiences of Christ become such a river to us? Yes, they can even yesterday’s experience. So we need to be always freshly crossing the river.

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