27 Aug 2019 Exodus (Program #79)

Exodus (Program #79) – The Blood of the Covenant (2).

The Old Testament book of Exodus speaks of a covenant between God and man and this covenant was ratified by blood. In the New Testament the Lord Jesus speaks of a New covenant in Luke 22 and once again the covenant is connected to the shedding of blood. And finally in Hebrews the writer speaks of an eternal covenant enacted and ratified by the offering of eternal blood. What is the relationship between these covenants and the blood that enacts and ratifies us?

It has been an amazing journey to see so many places and to consider them and respond to them in light of the very things we’ve been ministering in this life study of the scripture. This present message on the blood of the covenant I find particularly apt in recent days a number of us have been fellowshipping again and again about what we may call a dispensational change brought about by the ministry of the Lord Jesus. And by dispensational change we mean the ending, the terminating of the old covenant and the introducing of the new covenant through the redeeming death of Christ.  But actually through His entire ministry the Lord was doing so many things to indicate that He had come not to abolish the Old but to fulfill it. By having fulfill it He is here to replace it and to bring in a better covenant, a New covenant which is the reality of so many things portrayed in the Old covenant. One thing that has impressed me very much is to see by examining the religious situation in Jerusalem. Actually how few of those who declared themselves to be Christians having a proper Biblical understanding of this dispensational change and are anywhere close to what is revealed in the New Testament concerning the believers experience of the New Covenant.  So, I am very happy at the end of this journey to share in some fellowship on the blood as the blood of the covenant, hopefully to point the way and to direct the way to our listeners to reconsider the New Testament revelation concerning the relationship between the blood and the covenant.

According to the Bible a covenant requires sacrifices for the covenant to be enacted and ratified. And those sacrifices imply the shedding of blood. So in Exodus 24 for the enacting of the Old covenant there is the shedding of the blood of the sacrifices of course that is animals’ blood, that’s not effective for the forgiveness of sins. It is merely a type a picture of the real thing which is found in the person and work of the Lord Jesus, Who is the fulfillment of all the sacrifices and eventually the replacement of them because He is the unique all inclusive sacrifice. He Who speaks of the better blood which is the blood of Jesus. Luke 22 and Hebrews 13 speak of the blood in relation the covenant.  The New Covenant with all of its tremendous bequests which are actually God Himself and all of that He had done for us in His full salvation. The New covenant with all these bequests could not had been enacted without the blood of Jesus being the blood of the covenant. But as we will see once this blood has been shed and covenant has been enacted and ratified it then becomes binding not only on man’s side, but especially on God’s side. And God is bond by His righteousness expressed in His covenant to give all of the items of this covenant to His people for their experience and enjoyment.

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