28 Aug 2019 Exodus (Program #80)

Exodus (Program #80) – The Vision of God in a Transparent and Clear Heaven

God’s aim in His salvation is to make His people, His dwelling place. The book of Exodus is a book revealing God’s full salvation. And the second half of the book is devoted to this crucial topic. Stay with us for today’s life study as we look ahead to the revelation of the tabernacle of God.

God is a covenanting God. And God’s desire to use the law as an engagement paper but also to expose God’s people and to keep them until Christ can come as the redeemer. This is precisely what we have in Galatians. Focusing on the crucial matter of the New covenant and the all-inclusive Christ versus religion and the law and Christ as the Spirit being the unique blessing and this is for the many sons who become the heavenly Jerusalem as the consummate corporate expression of the Triune God.

A transitional chapter Exodus 24, it really gives us an advance look at God’s additional revelation following the law He called Mosses again to the mountain of God and revealed to him the pattern for His dwelling place, the tabernacle. The tabernacle interestingly shows up three different times in three different context in Scripture. First the pattern that was given to Mosses on Mount Sinai, and then constructed by the children of Israel at the base of Sinai, that literal physical tabernacle. Then in the New Testament the gospels refer to the Lord Jesus particularly the gospel of John as the tabernacle. Then of course the ultimate final tabernacle pointing us to New Jerusalem.

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