05 May 2019 Hebrews (Program #25)

Hebrews (Program #25) – An Evil Heart of Unbelief Deserting the Living God and the Living Word of God and the Parts of Man

Our heart is a loving organ. We should exercise our heart to love the Lord, even to say, “Lord Jesus, I love You. Fill my heart with Your love so that I might love you with my whole being.”

The book of Hebrews presents Christians with 5 serious warnings resulting in falling short of God’s reward. But in the midst of these warnings, the Spirit includes a striking portion of unveiling the three parts of man. Could this be a clue as to how not to fall short of God’s goal?

The first point we want to cover deals with having an evil heart of unbelief. It’s interesting that the Lord’s definition of evil here is equated with the matter of unbelief. In this particular message, we’re going to see how serious unbelief is in God’s sight. And we also want to point out how we can be saved from having an evil heart of unbelief. I believe this message will be very illumining, very helpful and even life-changing to our listeners.

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