27 Jul 2020 Psalms (Program #28)

Psalms (Program #28) – The Desolation of God’s House and Christ as the Solution

The apostle Paul writing in his epistle to the Colossians is the very interesting phrase related to the Holy Word, the Bible.  He told them that God had imparted to him the task of completing the Word of God.  Actually we know from history that there were other books added to the canon of Scripture that were written after Paul’s fourteen epistles.  So we need to understand Paul’s word in the sense that his writings were a conclusion not to the written record but to God’s divine revelation.  The books that came later like Revelation and John’s epistles merely strengthened and confirmed that divine revelation.  All this is to day that the divine revelation has a progressive aspect to it.  Surely Genesis 1 does not convey the entirety of God’s full revelation to man.  So bit by bit through the centuries God revealed more and more of His divine plan until finally in the first century Paul and the other apostles completed His marvelous speaking to man.  And though today, the written record is fully complete, never to be added to or deleted from, our understanding and apprehension continue to progress as more and more of God’s light break forth from His word to quote a popular a famous hymn.

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