10 Aug 2020 Psalms (Program #42)

Psalms (Program #42) – The Consummate Praise

Over the course of his nearly 70 years of ministry, Witness Lee conducted three in depth studies of the book of Psalms. His first study took place in 1954, he came back to the book again in 1969, and his final study, this life study, that he gave near the end of his life, in 1993. Although all three studies bear similarity for certain each got progressively deeper and higher, unveiling more of God’s central line, His eternal economy. As we come to the final program in the life study of the Psalms, I thought it is appropriate to quote a short portion from his second study of the Psalms called “Christ and the Church revealed and typified in the Psalms” –

“Now we must see an exceedingly important matter. Because the writers of the Psalms are Godly saints, because they are praising, and because they are expressing something of their sentiments and their experiences, they are very close to God. Because of their nearness and openness to God they provided a way for God to utter something within their utterance. While they are speaking God comes and speaks in and through their utterance. This point is of great importance. The Psalms are the expression of the Godly saints. Yet in their expressions the door is opened for the Lord to speak, the opportunity is given for God to utter something in their utterance. It is for this very reason that some find it very difficult to understand the Psalms. On the one hand they are the expression of the Godly saints, and yet on the other hand they are the expression of God Himself.”

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