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07 Jul 2016 2 Timothy (Program #4)

2 Timothy (Program #4) – The Spread of the Decline

avoid profane, vain babblings, for they will advance to more ungodliness, And their word will spread like gangrene,” 2 Timothy 2: 16-17.

06 Jul 2016 2 Timothy (Program #3)

2 Timothy (Program #3) – The Inoculator

The apostle Paul predicted in 2 Timothy, the last of his 14 epistles, that the church would decline. And during that decline the Lord will raise up faithful man, who would inoculate the church against the decline.

05 Jul 2016 2 Timothy (Program #2)

2 Timothy (Program #2) – The Basic Factor of the Decline-Forsaking the Apostle and his Ministry

2 Timothy 1:15 contains a very short but very pungent word that describes the apostasy at the end of the apostle Paul’s life.  “All those who are in Asia turned away from me.”

Today in our second life study from 2 Timothy, we are going to look at the basic factor of the decline of the church which is forsaking the apostle and his ministry.

04 Jul 2016 2 Timothy (Program #1)

2 Timothy (Program #1) – The Divine Provisions for the Inoculation against the Decline of the Church

The spread of disease is a terrible thing, especially in the spiritual realm, in the church. But God has provided disease controller for Satan attack on the church. The title Of our life study program from 2 Timothy is the divine provisions for the inoculation against the decline of the church.