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20 May 2019 Genesis (Program #110)

Genesis (Program #110) – The Shiftings of Birthright in Scripture

As we come to a portion of Genesis that has far reaching implications for God’s people.   We are going to focus today on a matter that appears Genesis, in which we will find out is very meaningful, very significant.  Yet like many other things like we’ve seen during our study of Genesis, this has been largely overlooked historically by God’s people.  We are going to look at the matter of birthright in the context of Jacob and Esau.

29 Apr 2019 Genesis (Program #89)

Genesis (Program #89) – Being Broken

We have a very interesting story today.  But as always, there is much more here than just a story.  Jacob has had a all night wrestling match.  Witness Lee is going to give his own introduction today.  But briefly, the context of this story reveals that Jacob is very fearful of his brother, Esau, when God engages him.  Why was Jacob so fearful of his own brother?

02 Jan 2019 Obadiah (Program #1)

Obadiah (Program #1) – Jehovah’s Dealing with Esau and Jacob’s Victory for the Kingdom of Jehovah

Obadiah is a short book in the Old Testament. The central thought of Obadiah is that Jehovah’s dealing with Esau issues in Jacob’s victory and possession for the kingdom of God in the age of restoration.