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07 Nov 2020 Isaiah (Program #41)

Isaiah (Program #41) – The Servant of Jehovah, the Arm of Jehovah, the Reigning God, & the Exalted Christ in Relation to Israel’s Return & Restoration

Isaiah beseech the Lord in chapter 51 of his prophecy, “Arise, arise! Put on strength, O arm of Jehovah; Arise as in the days of old.”  Surely God has done many mighty things for His people throughout ages.  As when He dried up the Red Sea for them to walk through as they escape from Egypt.  But to us Christ is also the arm of Jehovah; releasing us and rescuing us from our captivity.  Staying with us for another encouraging and uplifting life study of the Bible.

04 Sep 2020 Isaiah (Program #5)

Isaiah (Program #5) – The Salvation of Jehovah to His Beloved People and the Nations (4)

In spite of the rebellion, inequity and corruption of His chosen beloved people Israel, Christ is still sitting on a high and lofty throne in His glory.  In the midst of this corruption and inequity God showed His prophet Isaiah this exalted Christ.  When everything surrounding us is disappointing and discouraging, we too can see Him on His glorious throne.  Stay with us today for this majestic view of the Christ in glory on this life study of the Bible.

27 Aug 2020 Acts (Program #21)

Acts (Program #21) – The Propagation in Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria through the Ministry of Peter’s Company (16)

Fifteen thousand in the Church. They all left to other cities and other places, preaching the Gospel everywhere. Can you imagine the activated Body of Christ with every member going out to announce this resurrected and ascended Christ to propagate Him? This is the real preaching of the Gospel.

We have an extraordinary and poignant program on today’s life study of the Bible. We have the inspiring account of a first century martyr on today’s program. But, these stories are not limited to the first century, even in the 20th century. Saint’s suffering for the gospel of Christ and His New Testament ministry continue.