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08 Jan 2021 Daniel (Program #1)

Daniel (Program #1) – An Introductory Word

The destiny of Israel and all human government being for Christ are the subject of the book of Daniel of the Old Testament. A very intriguing book and a mysterious book, this will not be another of the common studies of the prophesies of Daniel. Rather based upon a lifetime of study this series of messages will show God’s economy in Daniel in relation to Christ, in relation to Israel and to the Gentile powers. It is not a long life study but the perspective is full of life and full of supply because the perspective is that of God’s eternal economy with the goal of ministering life through the Word.  Hence we call it a life study.

08 Mar 2019 Genesis (Program #37)

Genesis (Program #37) – The Life and Work that Changed the Age (1)

Today we begin the topic “The Life and Work that Changed the Age”.  To begin, Witness Lee notes the disparity between man’s condition in Genesis 1 and Genesis 6 in relationship to God’s eternal economy.   What is the meaning of “God’s eternal economy?”…