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25 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #24)

Leviticus (Program #24) – The Lesson and the Regulations for the Priests

Chapter 10 of the book of Leviticus is a wonderfully intriguing and interesting chapter. It begins with a day full of glory and a day full of blessing and enjoyment because God has accepted the offerings of the priests, the sons of Aaron. But then something severe happens to Aaron – two of his sons bring themselves under God’s judgment and the scene changes to one of God’s righteousness and holiness only to be turned again to God’s mercy. We invite you to stay with us for this life study of Leviticus today, as we look at chapter 10, a chapter that reveals God’s mercy and His holiness.

Chapter 10 follows a wonderful section that we cover yesterday in chapter 9 with the four issues of the priestly service.  But in this chapter there is a sad, even tragic event that is told and it has to do with these two sons of Aaron, Abihu and Nadab.  The account is found in the first 11 verses of chapter 10 and we are going to see how this tragic story really applies to us today in our situation.

24 Dec 2019 Leviticus (Program #23)

Leviticus (Program #23) – The Issue of the Priestly Service

If someone were to ask you “what is the genuine priestly service in the New Testament?”  Would you envision priests in long robes and gowns handling various utensils in a big sanctuary?  Or, would you see ordinary believers handling every day, the real and marvelous Christ in their experience.  We are going to talk today about the issue of the genuine priestly service.

This will be a marvelous fellowship that we are going to have concerning this matter of the priestly service and the result of this priestly service.  We’ve seen again and again in these life study messages from Leviticus that these pictures in the Old Testament from the Levitical priesthood really have an application for all of God’s people and that there is the universal priesthood of all the believers in the New Testament.  So we have to apply these pictures to us each day.